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digital marketing Phoenix
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Arizona Filmworks - Video Production Phoenix
Arizona Filmworks - Video Production Phoenix
digital marketing Phoenix

Video Production to Marketing

Arizona Filmworks began as a video production company. We did (and do) all kinds of videos including TV commercials, Web videos, training videos, Kickstarter videos, music videos, and more. How does a video production company become a digital marketing company in Arizona?

Most of the time, when we did a TV commercial for a company, they wanted us to make the media buys. We bought the air time on many TV stations in Arizona. This meant we had to understand our client's target market, the demographics, the motivations to buy, etc. We also had to know who was watching Wheel of Fortune compared to History Channel. We had to know rendering specs and which TV stations required which formats. To serve our clients, we were evolving by moving more and more into the marketing realm.

Another example is more technical. We would create all kinds of Web videos and promo videos for distribution on the Internet. Our clients would ask us to give them the code for embeding videos in the best way. They asked about Vimeo instead of YouTube. They wanted their videos to be posted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other places. We had to know the formats and requirements.

As a small business, we had to market our own company. We studied SEO for our clients and ourselves. We managed to get several Web pages to the first page of Google for competitive keywords. We became experts in search engine optimization (SEO). We also became experts in programming in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Many, many clients asked us how to fix problems on their WordPress sites. Our stock answer is to dump WordPress and let us do your website.

Over time, the video production company developed expertise in Social Media marketing. We were creating the media for Social Media and we became experts in distribution. We managed PPC campaigns and Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaigns. The really exciting stuff happened when we started doing Geofencing, Retargeting and OTT Ads.

Let me offer you a free consultation. Let's go over your marketing plan. Let me show you how you could save money, be more effective and fill your salses funnel with qualified leads. Contact us today for your free consultation.

We Are Experts in Digital Marketing

Buy me a cup of coffee and I will tell you what you should be doing in your marketing. We can review your current marketing plan. I can show you the power of retargeting and Geofencing. Over-the-Top Ads are the hot, new way to advertise and they target with amazing precision. Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn't work and start filling your sales funnel with qualified leads. For the price of a cup of coffee, I can show you how to stuff your sales funnel with qualified leads. Schedule your free review today!

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Video Production to Marketing


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