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Arizona Filmworks - Video Production Phoenix

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This version is intended to assist people with challenges utilizing typical websites. It is our belief that everyone is valuable and deserves equal access. If we can help our fellow human beings by making it bit easier to access this information, we feel honored. Our hope is that this text version will be helpful to people accessing our site with page readers and make it easier to get the information they need. The page begins with a header section. On the left side of the header is our logo for AZF Digital Marketing. In the middle of the header are navigational links for Home, About, Strategy, Contact, Blogs, and FAQ or frequently asked questions. On the right side of the header is a yellow button offering to schedule a free review of your marketing plan. The next section is called the hero section. It is the "above the fold" real estate. Text says, "We fill your sales funnel, now, isn't that what you really want?" There is a looped video that asks what keeps you up at night. Need more leads? Need more sales? AZF Digital Marketing can help. Digital Marketing should make more money than it costs. A splash screen at the end of the video has the AZF Digital Marketing logo and text that says, Let's review your marketing lan. Free review. Save money. Get results. 480-818-6211, contactus@arizonafilmworks.com. The next section is a free offer to do a review of your marketing plan. Buy me a cup of coffee and I will tell you what you should be doing in your marketing. We can review your current marketing plan. I can show you the power of retargeting and Geofencing. Over-the-Top Ads are the hot, new way to advertise and they target with amazing precision. Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn't work and start filling your sales funnel with qualified leads. For the price of a cup of coffee, I can show you how to stuff your sales funnel with qualified leads. Schedule your free review today!

If you think digital marketing is expensive,
try having your customers go to your competitors.

Your Digital Marketing Plan Needs: A Killer Website on the First Page of Google There is an old joke among web programmers. The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google because no one looks there. We can get you to the fist page of Google and get found. We know SEO. It takes a lot of effort and usually some time but we have done it with our site and many more.

If we are serious about getting to the first page of Google, we have to build sites that please Google. Who has the cleanest, most minimal site in the world? Google. Do you think Google favors clean, minimalistic sites or crazy sites full of extraneous code to move pictures and fly-in text?

Geofencing If you walk into a Kay Jewelers, I can put ads on your phone for Jared Jewelers. If you walk into one law office, I can put ads in front of you for another law office. Targeting your competition is a great way to give prospects a choice.

A famous example is Burger King. Burger King used Geofencing to send a coupon to the phones of people who were within 600 feet of a McDonald's. The coupon offered a Whopper for 1 cent. Uber used Geofencing to send notices to phones showing up at the LAX airport. The notice said, "Would you like us to pick you up at the LAX airport? We have three cars close by." One click and the person was on the Uber app making arrangements.

Over-the-Top (OTT) Ads The hottest, sexiest new advertising is OTT ads. These are either pre-roll or streaming ads placed in all kinds of programming from movies and TV shows on Hulu, Sling, Amazon Prime, etc. to pre-roll ads on YouTube and other ad platforms.

Think of OTT ads as the new TV commercials but with two incredible differences: You cannot fast-forward through OTT ads and instead of targeting whoever is watching Game of Thrones at the moment, you target whoever did an Internet search for jewelry stores near me or lawyers near me or plumbers near me.

Retargeting We can "retarget" people who visit your website and make sure they continue to see ads for your business. It often takes multiple visits to a website before a visitor makes a buy-decision. The industry mantra is that a potential customer usually needs to see your ad in three different places before they recognize and trust your business.

Imagine someone visiting your website on Monday and on Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday and beyond, that person sees ads for your business in several other places on the Internet. This gives you top-of-mind branding recognition which is a major factor in creating a buy-decision.

YouTube Channel YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Why are so many people ignoring it? People tell me, "I don't have time to do a video every week." I tell them, "you don't have time not to." One way we help is by offering a subscription service. We come in one day per month and film you for a few hours and then create four beautiful, awesome videos for you to put on your YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Seriously, for that kind of exposure can you afford NOT to do videos? We also offer to set up a studio in your home or business and you can make all the videos you want. We show you how. You send us the raw files and we edit them into beautiful videos for you. You can also use your new film studio as your Zoom studio. You keep the camera, lights, microphones, etc.

Email Our goal is to identify the people most interested in our product or service. Why waste money bombarding uninterested people with our ads? Offering a white paper, guide, or eBook discussing a topic directly associated with your business is the best way to develop a list of qualified prospects. These "giveaways" are in exchange for the recipient's email address.

NOTE: We hate spam. The only thing I hate worse than spam is "Angela" calling about my car's extended warranty. We will not help you do spam or robo calls. The best way to develop a legitimate email list is by offering something of value in exchange for their email address. Give something to build a relationship. This identifies the person as a qualified prospect and you as a legitimate advertiser.

Google PPC, LinkedIn, Facebook Ads We strongly recommend PPC campaigns. Something like 85% of buyers use the Internet to check prices, find vendors, get reviews, etc. PPC can be expensive in competitive markets but the rewards far exceed the cost. Several studies show that businesses make $2 for every $1 they spend on AdWords. When you want Google to love your website and bless it with high rank, do you think they favor sites that are paying them for PPC campaigns?

We recommend LinkedIn ads for B2B businesses and Facebook Ads for B2C businesses. We can set up campaigns that specifically target many, many parameters. This saves money.

AZF Voted Best Digital Marketing Firm

Digital.com and UpCity.com voted Arizona Filmworks the best web design firm and video production firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Our customers also think we are the best digital marketing firm in Phoenix. There is a story about how we began as a video production company and grew into a full-service marketing firm.

Arizona Filmworks is a proud member of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce and the Arizona Production Association.

The next section is the footer which is consistent across all pages. The footer contains the same navigation links as the header plus some contact information. Let's Talk, our email address is: contactus@arizonafilmworks.com. Our phone number is: 480.818.6211

The About page has the following information. About AZF Digital Marketing

Arizona Filmworks began in 2011 as a video production company. We did awesome videos and TV commercials. TV commercials need air time. Our clients wanted us to do the media buys for their TV commercials. This was before OTT ads. It was a dark time when you targeted a demographic by buying air time on the right shows. This meant we had to know the client's target market, message and demographic. We also had to know what demographic was watching Wheel of Fortune and what demographic was watching the History Channel.

All that changed when people "cut the cord" and began watching shows on-demand and over the Internet. Dozens of content providers began competing for viewers by subscription. Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling, Discovery+ and dozens of other companies offered content. They also offered air time for TV commercials.

There were two huge differences between old TV commercials and TV commercials on OTT TV. You cannot fast-forward through OTT ads. You no longer have to target demographics by show. Now, when someone signs onto a content provider, the content provider knows 1,500 things about that viewer. They know age, income, gender, interests, and where that person has been in the last 30 days. In 2001, you bought air time on Wheel of Fortune and hoped the right demographic saw an ad for Geritol. Today, you may be watching Wheel of Fortune in your house and your neighbor may be watching the same show. You might see an ad for Jared Jewlers and your neighbor might see an ad for Dominoes Pizza. The difference is, you walked into a Kay Jewelers yesterday and your neighbor ordered a Pizza Hut pizza delivery. Media buys are significantly more complex today. We have to be experts in digital marketing.

Arizona Filmworks was forced to grow and evolve in another way. The web videos we created had to be embeded in websites. Every client asked the same initial question, "Is it better to serve videos from our own website or embed them from YouTube?" They also asked about Vimeo. We began giving our clients the code to embed videos and also created YouTube channels. Eventually, we took over programming the whole website.

We created video ads for Social Media and got heavily involved in pay-per-click campaigns. Again, we had to know our client's target market, message and demographics. These are core marketing elements.

We grew to deliver more and more core marketing services to our clients. One day, we woke to find we had become the best digital marketing firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

We now have a team of highly trained, experienced, and devestatingly effective digital marketing engineers who know how to create the best campaigns and marketing plans possible.

The Blogs page has the following information: Blogs About Digital Marketing

Blog coming soon!

Blog coming soon!

The Offers page has the following information: Best Digital Marketing Offer Ever! Here is the offer: If you are in metro Phoenix, buy me a cup of coffee and I will tell you what you should be doing in your marketing. Outside of Phoenix, let's set up a Zoom call.

We can review your current marketing plan. I want to know what you have tried and what is working now. How is your sales funnel? Do you need qualified leads? Would you like to grow?

I can show you some of the amazing new technologies available to target the right prospects. We can talk about retargeting and Geofencing. Over-the-Top Ads are the hot, new way to advertise and they target with amazing precision. We can target your competition. I can tell who has walked into a Kay Jewelry store in the last five days and put ads for Jared Jewelers in front of them on their TV, their computer, and their phone. If someone visits your website, I can put ads for your business in front of them to remind them and increase your brand awareness.

Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn't work and start filling your sales funnel with qualified leads. For the price of a cup of coffee, I can show you how to stuff your sales funnel and increase your revenue. Schedule your free review today!

The Contact page has the following information: Contact Us for Digital Marketing

We love to talk to people about their marketing. Our sales approach is low-key. We have a free conversation about what you are currently doing to market and what you could be doing. If there are services you cannot do or it makes sense to have someone else do, we are happy to assist.

There is also a form if you want to submit a question or comment but we recommand you just call us at 480-818-6211. The FAQ page has the following information: FAQs About Digital Marketing

What Can You Really Do for Us?

We have some of the best digital marketers in the world putting together digital marketing campaigns based on experience and results.

We can show you how to utilize the latest technology to target the best, qualified prospects based on extensive information about the potential customer. We can give you a web page and landing pages that convert visitors to buyers. We can get that website to the first page of Google. We can develop static ads and display ads and distribute them to the people most likely to buy. We can create awesome TV commercials and post them all over Social Media. We can manage your marketing and advertising as your marketing department.

Our goal is to make you more money than we cost. We do that by having the best messaging, the best branding, the best media, the best education, and the most advanced targeting on the planet.

How Much Does it Cost?

I want to answer this question but it is not an easy question to answer accurately. It depends on so many factors. Do you sell a product or service? Do you sell to consumers or other businesses? Are you a one-office dentist and you only want to reach people within 20 miles of your office or are you a law firm with 23 offices all over the state? Is your website a simple, display site or is it a large eCommerce site with 500 products in your catalogue? Do you want to limit your advertising to static banner ads or do you want video ads?

Here is the fundamental philosophical point. Are you willing to spend enough to make your marketing effective and successful? "Successful" in our dictionary means we generate enough increase in revenue to pay for the marketing. In many cases, we say the minimum marketing spend needs to be $2,000 per month for three months. Many people in this business say you have to spend $3,000 per month for three months.

I like to explain it this way. Imagine your overhead without marketing/advertising is $50,000 per month. You struggle to make that gross revenue each month. Now, we spend $3,000 per month on marketing and advertising. At the end of three months, you are now making $60,000 per month gross revenue. You are spending $3,000 per month more but bringing in $10,000 per month more for a net revenue gain of $7,000 per month.

If I said, "Write a check for $3,000 and next month I will give you $7,000" you would say that is a good deal and do it all day long. Who wouldn't pay $3,000 to get $7,000? Obviously, there are no guarantees. Well, there is one guarantee. If you spend too little, you are guaranteed to fail. It would be like me saying, "Write a check for $1,200" and next month you only get $800. That scenario would feel like a fail. Not really because you would still get $1,200 of branding, top-of-mind awarness, etc. But we like to define success as generating more revenue than we cost.

There is a picture of a chart with Revenue on the left side and cost across the bottom. A red line curves from horizontal to vertical as you move left to right.

This chart is like one of those investment commercials. Results vary. Your returns may not match this chart. The point of the chart is to illustrate the general principle that you have to spend enough to see results. For example, if this chart were real and you spent $1,000 in advertising, you could expect $800 in increased Revenue. It is not until you spend $4,000 per month in advertising that you realize $4,000 in increased revenue. Spend $5,000 per month in advertising and the chart shows about $6,800 increased revenue. Again, who wouldn't write a check for $5,000 to get $6,800? $6,000 on the chart returns about $10,000 in increased revenue. Our job is to get you gains in revenue with as little cost as possible.

What is Geofencing?

It should not be news to anyone that we are all tracked by our smartphones. What you are about to read will make is seem real. This is the stuff of nightmares when it comes to privacy and tracking. Everywhere you go with your smartphone is recorded.

Geofencing is defining a geographic area - like a store, law office, car dealership, booth in a convention center, etc. - and then digitally marking everyone who walks into that area. Marketers use where you have been in the last 30 days as buy indicators. We assume people who walk into a car dealer's showroom (not the service area) either work there or are shopping for a car. We can eliminate the people there for eight hours because they are most likely employees. Now, we have a list of people who are probably shopping for a car. Those people get static banner ads, display ads, animated ads or video ads to be educated on why they should visit another showroom.

What is Retargeting? Only 4% of people who visit websites are ready to buy and complete the purchase in one visit. Most people are researching. They want to look at reviews, compare pricing, see the offeres, see if there is free shipping, etc.

We can put ads for your website all over the Internet and on streaming TV to remind those people who visited your website, to come back and visit again. This is called retargeting your visitors and it drastically improves your conversion rates.

Think about it. Let's say you have 1,000 visitors a month to your website. Given average statistics, you get 40 sales from the 4% who buy on the first visit. All of a sudden, the most likely buyers on the planet are the 960 people who visited but did not buy. Certainly, some of them went to a competitor and bought but most of them did not. This group has already expressed an interest in your product or service and are more likely buyers than the general population. Of course we want to put ads in front of these people.

Retargeting works by putting a cookie-like pixel on your website that can be tracked by our marketing networks. When you visit a website that makes money by showing you advertising, that little pixel cookie screams, "show me an ad from this specific website that was visited yesterday."

What is OTT Advertising?

OTT advertising stands for Over-The-Top advertising and refers to how TV commercials are delivered now. In the dark ages of Television, there were three big network channels and a few local TV stations. They carried "linear programming" that was broadcast on a schedule. If you wanted to watch Gunsmoke, you had to be sitting in front of your TV on Sunday night when that show was broadcast. The TV stations made their money by selling ads that we call TV commercials.

Then came cable TV with 127 channels of nothing to watch. It was still linear TV but you could "DVR" or record your favorite shows and watch them later. You could also fast-forward through the TV commercials. This did not make advertisers happy. There was a decrease in revenue from ads but part of that was made up by the subscription price of cable.

Two things happened. The cable companies got super greedy and kept raising the monthly subscription price to over $200 per month for nothing to watch and the Internet got fast enough to deliver movies and TV shows. "Cord-cutting" became a thing. All of a sudden, the dream of content on demand became real. You could binge watch a whole season of Game of Thrones in one weekend. People could watch programs on their TV but also on a tablet, laptop, desktop computer and on their phone.

In terms of marketing, two amazing things happened with content delivered over the Internet. First, you could not fast-forward through TV commercials. Second, you can be tracked. Not only do we know who logged on to watch Game of Thrones, we know your age, gender, level of income, level of education, whether you own your home or rent, where you are, what device you are using to view the content and 1,250 other parameters. We can combine the demographic details with where you physically went this past week and deliver "TV commercials" based on what stores you visited. It keeps me up at night. It is why we are majore proponents of privacy rights. Like doctors who are really working to make everyone well and put themselves out of business, we would like to reverse the tracking and put ourselves out of business. I doubt that will happen.

The point is, OTT ads are the sexy, new way to deliver TV commercials. They are not delivered based on programming. They are delivered based on interest indicators. If you did something this week (like visit a car dealer's showroom - not the service area) we can deliver competitor car dealer ads to you hoping to motivate you to visit their showroom. These ads might appear on YouTube+, Hulu, Sling, Amazon Prime or some website. They might be pre-roll ads meaning they appear before the show or they might be during the show at a break. The point is, you see them because you did a Google search for that product or visited a store for that product. Gone are the days where everyone watching the Wheel of Fortune gets a Preparation H ad. Now, you may see an ad for a BMW while I see an ad for chef's knives. We can hyper-target your best prospects.

What is Your Marketing Strategy?

Like everything else in marketing, it depends on your business and your target market. A lot of our marketing strategy depends on the sales triggers for your specific target customers. This involves understanding why people buy your product or service. Some products are more like impulse buys and other products take a lot of research. My wife is researching gas ranges for the kitchen we want to remodel. This is more of a research project than I ever imagined. Days of research are going into this purchase. This means the marketing strategy for a gas range can involve more ads over time than if this were an impulse buy.

Another major component of our marketing strategy is to look for signals that indicate a purchase is imminent. For example, people who walk into a car dealership either work there or are interested in buying a car. We can geofence the sales area of every car dealership in an area and exclude the service area. That eliminates most of the people who visit the dealership just for service. Now, we have people who visited the dealership and most of those people are there looking to buy. Some may have bought. We try to eliminate those. We can cross reference hits to their credit score and eliminate those who got that far. The rest are people looking for a car. We want ads for cars and car dealerships in front of those people.

A famous example is Burger King. Burger King used Geofencing to send a coupon to the phones of people who were within 600 feet of a McDonald's. The coupon offered a Whopper for 1 cent. Burger King stole a significant number of customers from McDonald's and the campaign was hailed as one of the best marketing moves in history.

Uber used Geofencing to send notices to phones showing up at the LAX airport. The notice said, "Would you like us to pick you up at the LAX airport? We have three cars close by." One click and the person was on the Uber app making arrangements.

A marketing strategy must be tailored to the specific business. One size does not fit all. That is why your marketing team must be brilliant. My marketing team is the best there is.

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